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‚≠źReusable Dolce Gusto Capsules!

‚≠źReusable Dolce Gusto Capsules!

‚≠źReusable Dolce Gusto Capsules!

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ūüĆé Did you know that the coffee pods we use every day are one of the major issues in recycling? They are usually too small to recycle and the sorting systems have trouble picking them up, this means that most of them end up in our trash.

ūüí≤ Save Money And The Planet While Enjoying Your Delicious Coffee?


‚úÖ We Are Here With The Solution ‚Ěó

✅ The Revolutionary Capsule is made of Food Grade high quality stainless steel, easy to use and clean.

‚úÖ STOP wasting you MONEY!

✅ No More Waste: The Award Winning Coffee Pods can last you a life time! Reduce the amount of single-waste to our landfills!

✅ Prep It And Store It: All capsules come with a silicone cover that allow you to prepare your coffee pods in advance and store it for later!

✅ Added Accessories: With the included accessories, you can easily fill the capsule with your personal coffee, tea or cocoa.

✅ Unique Design: Thanks to the innovative technology, you get a delicious coffee with a great Crema.

✅ Fill With Your Favourite Coffee: With the unique capsules you can select the coffee from your preferred brands and start your day right!

✅ Use With These Nescafe Dolce Gusto Coffee Machines: Mini; Genio 2; Fontana; Creative; Melody; Melody 2; Esperta; Eclipse; Circolo; Oblo

✅ Capacity: 14g Coffee Powder

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